Mila-Bilder.jpgMila Fairtrade Clothing is located in Tiruppur, South india, a typical hub of the textile industry. The workshop is beautifully located in a park, a storng contrast to the busy city. It emphasizes consequently on ethical and environmentlly friendly productions processes.

Mila is dedicated to an entirely transparent supply chain - from the organic cotton to the finished product. The raw materials are sourced through cerified companies and cooperatives and further processed in its own workshop in an ecofriendly and ethical way.

Mila values its employees, provides insurance and pension funds and pays living wages that are far higher than the minimum wage required by the local authorities. 

Mila is currently certified by the following organizations:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (ICEA GOTS 2017-04)
  • FLOCERT - Fairtrade (FLO ID 28481)
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