cully-bild-2.jpgcullycully is a creative little workshop set on the shores of Geneva Lake. cullycully plays with its swissitude by creating design and playful items. cullycully is a collection of tote bags, design bags on which you can discover typically Swiss sayings or allusions to our dear clichés. cullycully is also mylittleswitzerland® colourings, a series of magnificent drawings, in the shape of posters, passports or one-metre roll out panoramas, brought to you with coloured pencils by the Caran d’Ache Maison, established in Geneva

the cloudy forest collection

The cloudy forest collection featuring squirrels, raindrops, trees and clouds is the first design collaboration between cullycully and Storyfabrics. It consists of Swaddles in different sizes made with organic and Fairtade-certified cotton, handmade with printscreens in the beautiful atelier by Girsh and his team at Mila. It playfully refers to the beautiful Swiss nature, the serene beauty of the intact landscapes and the happy childhood memories.

the dreamy travel collection

The dreamy collection with cheetahs, little eyes and traces is the second design collaboration between cullycully and Storyfabrics and includes again wonderfully soft nuschi and for the first time a selection of baby clothing in various sizes. The collection is again sewn and printed by Girish and his team at Mila Fairtrade Clothing in Tiruppur. The dreamy travel collection expresses the desire to travel despite any lockdowns for example to the endangered Indian cheetah, while playfully following one's dreams and drawing positive traces by growing up discovering most interesting paths to wander.

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