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Storyfabrics has launched the pillow edition “traces” with four Swiss designers. The initiative combines the topics of women's health, regional handicrafts and civil society engagement. The limited number of pillows is now available, accompanied by background information on the networked project on various platforms.

Each designer received ten pillow cases from Storyfabrics, each designed ten individual pieces, "Women are individual, so is women's health," says the Martina Unternaehrer from Storyfabrics.

50 Swiss Francs of each pillow cover sales go to the Manja Gideon Foundation (

“My late daughter Manja loved art and design. She would be happy about the designers' campaign, because who likes to only deal with illness? The beautiful sides of life and enlightenment come together in the cushion covers. If women can ask the right questions to doctors, they may have the chance to leave longer traces of life, ”says Erika Gideon, President of the Foundation.

More information about ovarian cancer can be found here:,

More informationa about the designers can be found here:

Larissa Kramer, Janet Mueller, Sibylle Kuhn, Simone Huser

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